About us

The concept:

Rekidding: an idea by parents for parents. Our kids love their toys ... but they move on quickly to other toys; one day our 3 year old moved on from her obsession with Peppa Pig to Paw Patrol which inspired us to create this online store. We were also blessed with Twins earlier this year which forces us to get everything in double (baby toys, rockers ...).

Just getting Started: 

To launch our online store, we are starting with one toy line and will be expanding to other toys; we are only considering toys made of plastic and similar material that are easy to clean and pass along to other kids and families to make the most of (we will not be expanding to clothing, stuffies, car seat ... anything with material). We are based in Griffintown, Montreal and will start our operations in the greater Montreal. 

How it works: 

We collect toys from the community (you're welcome to contact us) to help de-clutter people's houses and ensure other kids get to use these toys. We clean the toys, test them (put batteries if needed) and categorize them by brand, type but also in different versions (with different price points): sometime we carry the same toy in different conditions (e.g. one very good and one in OK condition for a little less).

We deliver to the Greater Montreal and can offer pickup during specific hours. 

What motivates us: 

Kids toys are not recyclable because of the materials they are made of and they can be very expensive brand new; so passing along used toys encourages a communal spirit and is more sustainable for the environment.  

Finally, our ultimate goal is Rekid as many toys as possible and our reward will be counted by the number of smiles we can create.