(version française suivra d'ici la fin août, merci de votre patience, en attendant n'hésitez pas à nous communiquer vos questions à : info@rekidding.ca) 

Hello fellow parent: 

We've launched our online store recently and got great feedback from our community and we wanted to address some of the commonly asked questions. Here are some clarifications:

(if you have a question not addressed here: you can email us at info@rekidding.ca or use the contact us page; we want to keep updating the website frequently based on community feedback: products, process ...) 

1- How does rekidding.ca work? 

We buy used toys; we sell used toys. This is not a platform where buyers and sellers meet; we take full ownership of the inventory seen on the site (just like a retail store, only it's online) because we want to be very selective on the type and quality of our products

2- As a potential Buyer: Why should I buy from rekidding.ca? 

We've created this site mostly because of our frustration as parents on the shopping experience on marketplaces (Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Varagesale ...) or thrift stores: we buy used stuff for our kids and although we usually end up finding what we are looking for, we wanted to improve on certain aspects: 

  • Centralized store: searching in one place (as opposed to many platforms) and finding what you're looking for (e.g. we carry a very big inventory for Paw Patrol currently, so you know you will find your toy). No more asking: is it still available? (our inventory is live on the site). You can look for a specific item on our site (e.g. just the missing car or figurine). 
  • Consistency: pricing can vary greatly on marketplaces for the same item, we try to price fairly based on quality (defects, accessories) that's why we carry several variants. We might even be pricing wrong, dont be shy to tell us: this store is by parents for parents. 
  • Shopping experience: we want the experience to be pleasant: nicely categorized products by collections (e.g. small toys, big toys), a powerful search functionality (e.g. try searching for Chase, you will find all toys, big/small that have him) and a fast & secure checkout process with an optional delivery service ($10). 

3- As a potential seller:

a- Why should I sell to rekidding.ca? 

You can always post on marketplaces (FB, Kijiji) if you are willing to do some of the work: listing, communication with buyers and finalizing the transactions. With the rekidding.ca alternative we are offering here is to take care of this process for you: we make you a fair offer to buy your toys in bulk ... saving you time and the hassle of transactions and pick up the toys from your home. See our blog about options you have as a seller.

b- How can I sell to rekidding.ca?

We just announced our process, check out our new page of how we buy your used toys.

    4- Do you charge Taxes?

    Yes: we charge sales taxes (GST and QST) because we should and we have to anyway :) ... we embed taxes in the shown prices, on the checkout pages, you can see the amount towards the government (not to us :) ). 

    5- Do you ship outside the greater Montreal? 

    No: we currently offer either pickup (free) or delivery ($10) within 20km of our location in Griffintown (for more details see our shipping policy page). We are currently not considering shipping (by post) outside of Montreal, as the idea is to circulate the toys within the greater Montreal. We are evaluating our longer term geographical growth strategy. 

    6- Returns and Refunds? 

    In general for second hand market, it's sold as is; if you feel the description and condition of our site doesn't match, please let us know and we will address the situation; we want the kids and their parents to be happy.  

    7- What are your COVID-19 measures? 

    We disinfect all of our used toys when we receive them and before packing them for the next kid; and in these times, we understand if parents want to also disinfect when they receive them. Our delivery is touch less, we pack the toys in a bag (see home page) and wear a mask to deliver. 

    8- What else will you sell?

    • Short term (next weeks): only PAW Patrol toy lines as we gather feedback from the community; please like/follow us https://www.facebook.com/Rekidding/ to share your ideas, this is the essence of this website: parents for parents, we need your input
    • Medium term (next months): Other popular toy lines, mostly easily shareable toys: wood, plastic; we are also thinking about bicycles, scooters and other sporting equipment. 
    • Longer term (beyond 2020): a bit early for us to tell, and we want to evolve with our customers needs; we've heard and know that CLOTHING is a big pain point for parents (we get gifts for our daughters that they don't even get to wear sometimes) for now it's not on our radar mostly, but never say never :)

    9- How do I know if you have the item in stock?

    Our inventory is always in sync in our online store (where we manage it); so if the item is out of stock, you won't be able to add it to the cart (will show 'out of stock'). Also, if you want to order more of the same item (e.g. a figurine), you will be able to change the quantity to greater than 1 (and you'll get an error if you exceed the available quantity)